Some Screen Time Can Be Good

Movies and tv shows are awesome. They are such a powerful art form and are loved by so many; I just love to marvel at how game-changing movies can be.

Firstly, movies and shows can help you understand the world better, and can teach life lessons. Especially if you’re younger, through a protagonist, you can learn life lessons about themes like responsibility, tragedy, and more. Through a character’s decisions, a good movie can help provide a tale that shows you all the consequences certain decisions can lead to. A good example is, of course, the highly controversial 13 Reasons Why. It tells the story of a girl in highschool, who, after numerous horrible things happening to her, eventually commits suicide. While this show certainly doesn’t advertise or glamourise suicide, it does provide a story in which a girl, based on a number of realistic emotions and thinking processes, makes decisions that unintentionally lead to her ending her life. People who watch this can get a sense of how things like this can actually happen, and hopefully can try to avoid similar situations as to those of the main character of this series. On to the understanding of the world, a show or movie has the ability to tell a story, and simultaneously give you insight on things you never noticed before. For example, Breaking Bad is a dark, drama series that outwardly tells the story of a meth-cook’s journey, while, on a deeper level, reveals that someone as innocent and nonviolent as the Walter White of Season 1 can become corrupt and twisted if in the right scenarios. It’s these kind of things that keep a lot of viewers interested; the hidden messages and themes behind the plot.

Another thing I love about about movies is the affect they can have on a viewer. A movie can leave you feeling a multitude of emotions, from sadness to anger to joy. There have been quite a few times when a movie has made me tear up, whether from an especially sad scene, or a bittersweet ending, or anything in between. If you’re in the mood for some action or comedy after a long day, you can get completely engaged in a show or movie, many of which display fantastic action and effects. Basically, if you’re in the mood for any kind of feeling, you can watch something for a quick thrill or a deep study on life. The range of genres is huge, and there’s something for everyone.

All in all, I just think that movies and tv shows are just a brilliant way to affect a person deeply and impactfully, which is why I like them so much.




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